Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Would you like some pound cake?

Damn right I want some pound cake.

Anyway, up again tonight, can't get any sleep whatsoever, so I'm going to rush it one more time before I hit the sleeping pills. Insomnia is a bitch sometimes. I'm going to continue with these 'My Thoughts' articles, I enjoy writing my thoughts about games and the feedback I receive is very constructive (most of the time). I gave in to the hype today and bought a 32" 3D LED TV. I had to replace the 26 due to the fact that it was always temperamental. The 3D is actually quite good and can be applied to anything (even by reading Blogger, although I don't recommend sitting too close to the screen).

Conclusively, I'm tired, can't get to sleep, and I'm going to get another nightly coffee.


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