Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My Thoughts - Sonic Generations

Ah, that old chestnut. Like we've already had enough of the devil spawn from Sega.

Nope. Surprisingly, This was pretty good. The gamplay did remind me of the classic 1991 Megadrive hit and this game managed to make it even better. Perhaps the success of it's predecessor, Sonic Colors manages to give this game quite the hype when it was announced. Both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic have different stages to contend with, with the former based on Sonic's platforming skills and trusty spindash, while the latter focuses on Speed, racing towards the end goal to achieve the quickest time.
The inclusion of stages from past Sonic games is pulled of quite well, classics range from the notorious Green Hill Zone, Seaside Hill from Sonic Heroes (My favourite stage from this game) and one from the recent Sonic Colors.

The game manages to keep the gameplay fresh with not only beautiful, lush visuals, but also by accommodating both Classic and Modern Sonic's abilities to traverse through the zone. While certain stages will be familiar to those playing as Classic Sonic, Sega has managed to add a few extra bits to keep the gamer engaged. Classic zones have been adapted for Modern Sonic as well, so although the stages don't stick to the absolute linear styles of the original games, the atmosphere within the zone is enough to show you that Sega hit the nail on the head with this.
However, I have one gripe with this game. It's too short! The story mode is enough to grasp anybody who is familiar to the Sonic franchise or is new to the series. If Sega managed to extend the storyline, this game would have been a dead ringer. 
I managed to pick up this for £6.99 on the Steam Christmas sale, although from what I've seen, the prices range from 15-20 pounds.

So although Sega managed to deliver a fresh new twist to Sonic's everlasting adventures, the short story really makes this game fall flat. But if you're looking for a new Sonic game to just pickup and play, then this is absolutely perfect. There's a high replay value, and if you're looking to either shoot though a level for the fastest time or just to explore for hidden gems, I'd pop this game in anyday.

Final Judgement - 4/5

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