Tuesday, 27 December 2011


I guess I'll admit it. I've had a blog once before and I've never damn well ever stuck to it. Well, I did that one summer though. That was when I was still in school though.

So I'm 19 now and a hell lot of things have changed. I've moved out and I've got my own job. I'm not that little kid with amounts of time on his hands anymore. I know I'll have time to myself now and then, but nothing like the freedoms of a child.

Right now it's early morning, I haven't slept at all, now coming up to nearly 24 hours. I haven't been able to keep a self-clock for a week now, so I'm hoping by exhausting my whole body will get rid of those restless nights.

I'm going to start up this blog again. I'm not going tho stick to a time when I'll post and I'll talk about anything I'll damn well please.

Enough for this post. Ugh, I'm off to get some coffee.


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